Can't find metadata for special episodes of the show "Kitchen Impossible" (while normal episodes work fine)


I’m using Infuse 6 Pro for several month now and it’s a fantastic experience, the best media app I ever used (mainly using it with an Apple TV).

I recently came across a metadata problem:

I have several video files of a cooking show called “Kitchen Impossible” and Infuse is able to get the correct metadata for every normal episode. The files are names with the following pattern:

  • Kitchen Impossible - 5x04 - Tim Mälzer vs. Max Strohe.mkv
  • Kitchen Impossible - 5x05 - Tim Mälzer vs. Jan Hartwig.mkv
  • Kitchen Impossible - 5x06 - Tim Mälzer vs. Martin Klein.mkv
  • ...

But there are some special episodes like a “Christmas special”, names as so:

  • Kitchen Impossible - Die Weihnachts-Edition 2017.mkv
  • Kitchen Impossible - Die Weihnachts-Edition 2018.mkv

Infuse was not able to get the metadata for those special episodes.

So I wanted to edit the metadata manually, searching for “kitchen impossible” and to my surprise no “kitchen impossible” entry was found. But when I edit the metadata of the normal episodes, those to where Infuse was able to pull the correct metadata, I can find the show when entering “kitchen impossible”:

What is the reason behind this, why can’t I find “kitchen impossible” in the metadata search for those special episodes?

What other options do I have to at least have the correct show cover and get Infuse to put those special episodes besides the normal episodes?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Specials are often linked to Season 0. Try naming your files as follows:
Kitchen Impossible - SxxEyy.mkv

Where SxxEyy is as follows:
S00E00 Tim Mälzer vs. Tim Raue
December 23, 2014

S00E01 Die Weihnachts-Edition (2017)
December 10, 2017

S00E02 Pilotfolge (Rückblick)
November 11, 2018

S00E03 Die Weihnachts-Edition (2018)
December 16, 2018

S00E04 Die Weihnachts-Edition (2019)
December 15, 2019

S00E05 Die emotionalsten Momente
April 19, 2020

S00E06 Die größten Ausraster
April 26, 2020

S00E07 Die lustigsten Momente

Infuse gets its metadata from TVDB (for Shows) or TMDb (for Movies)

In case metadata is not found check these site for naming

For Kitchen Impossible its
and for the specials


Hey Elchupete, you are absolutely correct!

After renaming the special episodes accordingly, Infuse pulled the correct metadata without problems.

So I assume Infuse thought the special episodes were movies, not a Tv shows, because of my faulty naming pattern for those files.

Thanks a lot for your help, Elchupete!

Kein Problem, gern geschehen.

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