Can't find metadata entry for movie 10x10

Hi everybody,

Quick question. When trying to find a movie on my Infuse via Apple TV, the file is showing in infuse as Harry Potter for some reason. I’m trying every search I can think of in “edit metadata” but it’s not showing up.

The file is named “10x10 [2018] 1080p”, and as far as I know that’s the only title it’s ever had.

The movie is on themoviedb as 10x10 (2018) — The Movie Database (TMDb) but doesn’t seem to show up in search results.

Any suggestions? Am I being dense?

This has come up before. Try naming the file “10 By 10 2018.mkv”

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Thank you!! Really appreciate it. I’m surprised it has come up before. Tried it and it works. I didn’t try renaming the file this time, only the search terms in infuse. Good to know for next time!

Your welcome! It was strictly a lucky guess! Just a long past history in construction seeded the idea of changing “X” to “By” but it worked.