Can't find Knight Rider (1982) Series Metadata

I can’t find the Metadata for the original Knight Rider TV-Series from 1982. The Metadata is available on Knight Rider (TV Series 1982-1986) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Am I doing something wrong?

If you have the files named only as “S04E04 - xxxxxxx.mkv” instead of “Knight Rider S04E20 - xxxxxx.mkv” try naming the files with the series name included.

You can also add the year to the series folder that holds the seasons like “Knight Rider 1982” for the folder name.

Note, if you do add the year to the series folder you’ll probably want to include it in the individual episode file names also like “Knight Rider 1982 S04E20.mkv”.

Thanks, that helped! I always thought, that manually selecting the Movie/Series in Infuse overrides the local metadata.

You’re welcome! Glad you got it working. Which change did you use to get it working?

I put Knight Rider at the beginning of the File name

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