Can't find Apple TV on network

Anyone have an idea why my Macbook Pro can’t find AppleTV.local even if I type in the IP address? Itunes connects just fine, but I just can’t find the AppleTV.

Thanks in advance!

Hello with what program you transceived you?
I have problems with FUGU.
I Use Transmit that changed the indentification on my AppleTV

But its for me not a problem i use Transmit anymay and is nice program.
If you look at Apple TV then you see the IP adress most
Use this in the login and then ’ user: frontrow, password: frontrow, port: 21 or 22

I am using Cyberduck. I’ve tried everything! I have switched my firewall off and have been trying the IP address that AppleTV shows also. Any ideas anyone?

Never mind. I didn’t enter frontrow/frontrow! dumb

You see there is always a solution!