Can't figure out which "Artwork-Tag" for specific

Dear community,

Currently I’m personalize a few artworks within my series-collection and can’t figure out which “term” I’ve to use for changing the artworks shown within the uploaded picture of my screen.

Hi @DenMCX ,

I also use custom artworks for some of my shows/movies/ (folders).
Just check out this article, which describes how to name your local artworks to get recognized by Infuse:
Overriding Artwork and Metadata – Firecore


If you’re talking about the pictures at the top in your screen capture you would use the name “fanart.png” and locate the file in the main series folder (not in the individual season folders) for each series.

As @strwht said, you can find the instructions here.


“fanart.jpg” also works. :wink:

For TV series, it’s simply “fanart.ext” for horizontal images and “folder.ext” for the poster images. For episode images, append “-thumb” to the episode file name.


House of the Dragon 2022
     Season 1
        House of the Dragon 2022 - S01E01.mkv
        House of the Dragon 2022 - S01E01-thumb.jpg
        House of the Dragon 2022 - S01E02.mkv
        House of the Dragon 2022 - S01E02-thumb.jpg


For Movies, it’s “-fanart.ext” and “-poster.ext”


Top Gun Maverick 2022.mkv
Top Gun Maverick 2022-fanart.jpg
Top Gun Maverick 2022-poster.jpg

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