Can't exit Iso movie


I was playing an iOS this morning and could not exit the movie. Every time I pressed menu it returned to the beginning of the movie.

I tried to skip to the very end of the movie and hoped it would exit when it ended, that did not work either!

I am using a tethered jailbreak so this is a bit of an issue for me…


Further to this. It appears to be images that don’t have a DVD menu at the beginning.

Same here. Can’t exit a DVD Video_TS or ISO. Also no DVD menu in the DVD. I’ve tried a DVD with menu and that one I can exit. So the menu button while playing DVD goes to the DVD menu. And because there is none it starts over again.

Is it possible to fix this in an update. Or maybe one press goes to dvd menu and press and hold goes to atv2 menu.

Thanks in advanced

I have found that in such cases on my aTV if I press menu twice in quick succession I get out of the DVD;   see if that works for you.

It works sometimes. Gets me to a page that says my network is not quick enough to play this file and I can choose to resume or quit.
Its not ideal because it works 1 out of 6 tries.

Thanks for your input and I hope they will fix this in an update.

It would be nice if one of the Firecore team could comment on the thread and say if it is an issue they have on the list to be worked on?

I am currently having the same issue.  The only way that I can exit a movie is to restart atv2 (hold down and menu simultaneously for 5 seconds).  I am viewing a VOB format movie, by the way.

This issue should be fixed in todays update.


Thanks for the update and the notification. However I’ve updated to the latest

version and still pressing the menu button brings me to a buffering screen instead

of the media player menu. Sometimes by pressing it twice it brings me there but

I still need to do this several times. Or is there an other way that I don’t know about?


If so, please let me know.

If your menuless ISO files still won’t exit by simply pressing menu, you can press and hold the menu button for about 2 seconds. Doing this will exit any DVD movie straight away, without any attempt to show the main menu.

It works!!!


Thank you so much for this solution.