Cant exit a VOB movie (in version 1.3)

After I installed the new version 1.3 today I get the strange bug, where as when I play a movie from standard VIDEO_TS****.vob format, it wont let me exit again, it simply returns to the start of the movie and that loop just goes on…

Thank god, I know how to unplug the powercord. lol

just to let you know.

Normally pressing menu will return you to the DVD’s menu. However, if the menu is corrupt, or removed (but the marker still in place) you can exit the DVD directly by holding the menu button.

Thanks James, I will try it later today.

But its true the Menu has been removed. perhaps this is the issue.

i’m having this with all kind of media files (mkv in special, but single vobs too, odinary avis w/o menu, etc)

i found, that i sometimes just need to wait 5 minutes after pressing the “just stop that f*#$ng movie”-button about 100 times and then the film stops.

after such strange things, the atv2 seems to work hard in the background, because browsing through the normal menus can just stop for about 10-20 seconds and then continue to move through the menu-entries.

i checked with ‘top’ but its output seems normal to me…



i have no idea what it could be, but its definately introduced with 1.3