Can't edit address of manually added share once saved

Just wondering why you cannot edit the address of a share after it has been saved. Problem is, I share my library with another infuse user connected remotely via SFTP. Every once in a while my public IP address changes and he has to completely delete the share and re-add it because you cannot simply go in and edit the address (protocol and address are greyed out). All this work just to change 3 digits in the IP. It is the same in Infuse for iOS. Is there a technical reason that this is not editable (James?).

Yes, Infuse will actually use the share path when caching metadata. Any changes to that path would require all metadata to be refetched, since all your existing files would appear to be new.

This is effectively the same as setting up a new share, and I don’t think we have a good way around that at this point. Sorry.

I have an iMac with a large hard drive attached. I configure Infuse on my Apple TV to connect with that “Share” and it works beautifully. Here’s my problem and its similar to the above post: If I do a reset of my Internet Provider’s modem, OR if I upgrade the OS from time to time, the IP address on the "Share"changes, requiring me to have to go back and forget the Share and reconfigure it to the new IP address. If Infuse could somehow “follow” the change to the IP address that would be great. Or, if its advisable to have a static IP address for my iMac, then - if there are no negative ramifications - I’d do that. I hope I have made this clear enough. - Jay

Instead of using a numerical IP address you can use the network name like imac.local and you can then add the MAC address to help with waking if needed.

where (what dialog box) would I add the MAC address? I’ve never come across that step.

Settings > Network > Shares > Saved Shares > Select the share you want to add the MAC address to > Edit Share > Advanced > MAC Address

The “Advanced” choice has never appeared in any dialog box while using the “Edit” menu…

What version of Infuse are you using?

If you’re comfortable in setting up a static IP then that would be fine, there are no real downsides to it that I know of. Adding the MAC address will still help with the wake function usually.

Using “imac.local” has never worked for me. I always get an error message. I have always had to use the Mac’s IP address. Of course, that brings me back to my original point: Infuse works great once I get it set up, until the Mac’s IP address is changed by: 1) I reset my modem from time to time; or, 2) Apple issues an update to the OS which for some reason always changes the IP address.
I use Infuse Pro for AppleTV. version 5.9.6

You may want to consider upgrading to Infuse 6.

There have been numerous improvements in how Infuse handles networking. It appears that the ability to use the network name and add the MAC address are additions for V6 and I’ve had pretty good luck with seeing an iMac as a share throughout numerous Mac OS updates and Infuse updates without having to modify shares.

The iCloud sync offered in V6 is a great addition too. :wink:

Considering that V5 is no longer being developed and many of the features offered in Infuse are having to change due to other providers services changing their requirements upgrading to V6 really is worthwhile.

I have now upgraded to v.6 You are right, there is no comparison between version 5 and 6. 6 looks to be superior in almost every respect. I think most, if not all, of the issues I was concerned about are fixed with this version.

Thanks for getting back on this!

Nice thing is that Infuse 6 just keeps getting better and better so more goodies are in the pipeline.

Has this changed in Infuse 7? I am about to install a new router and use a different IP address/gateway. As a test, I changed the NAS IP on the current network, and found that my Infuse files will not play. (Using NFS share.) I added the MAC address, but that did not help.

What to do? Do I have to delete my share and start over? Won’t that lose all of my play status and watch list?

Thanks for any insight.

I think that if you just add the new share and let it sync it should just show double your library and after it finishes the sync and all of your watched status and other info show correctly you should be able to delete the old one and be back to a single entry for everything with the right info and watched status.

That’s just a wild guess from what I’ve seen.

Well, that seems like a huge leap of faith. I do not want to lose everything.

Maybe someone here has actually tried this?

I experimented by changing the current NAS address, duplicating a share and one favorite movie folder, then going back and forth between NAS addresses. The watched status and resume points did duplicate as you said. About 5% of the metadata was wrong – on movies with maybe ambiguous titles. For example, Lincoln had data for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. (!) I also lost the favorite folder art, which would have to be re-done.

Not sure how TV series will be affected.

I wish there was a surefire way of doing this with no damage, like just using the MAC address, which would never change.

I recommend you rename all the titles with the year added to provide more accurate match in case you ever have to do this again.

Granted this is from a user’s perspective: Ran into this exact problem recently when the local network name that my share was using automatically changed (definite bug in Apple’s macOS which has apparently been around for quite some time). There is no option to ‘edit’ the share’s address. It forces the user to recreate a share from scratch. That’s bad enough but invariably there are movies that then have to be manually re-learned. Add to that a large movie library and it becomes a royal PITA.

It would seem logical to add a checkbox (in the advanced section) for ignoring a change to a share’s address thus retaining existing share info and only adjusting where to find them. Nothing from the user’s perspective has changed in the movie or tv libraries, only where they are located. Infuse should be able to accept a revised share address (new pointer / locator) without having to rebuild what it already has done. No doubt a checkbox left in that state could easily open up other problems but the proposed checkbox could be programmed to automatically revert back to unchecked right after the share’s address change is initiated.

The two movies were both in the same year. But the exact name seemed to be ignored and a coin flip ensued.