Can't Download iFaith blob

I hope someone can help me. I have a jailbroken ATV 2 that was tethered and running Seas0n Pass. The power went off in my house so I had to plug in the ATV2 to my computer to update it. Somehow when I plugged the ATV back into my HDMI, I noticed I've lost XBMC. The 'Settings' button now says 'FC'. I've been trying so many tutorials on here to fix this and many are saying I need to download Seas0n Pass 0.9.2 and back up the device using iFaith? I updated Seas0n Pass thru a link on the fire core site however I'm not getting the option in the 'Help' section for iblobs....please help, I'm so frustrated with this and I'm clearly NOT a computer expert lol.

By the events youve pointed, your atv has been jailbroken using sp 0.9.5. Thus, untethered version of 5.3. You can check it going to the FC logo. By any means, you need to reinstall your xbmc using either atv flash or nito.  

ok. I downloaded the Nito installer but when I connect the device to my computer and click instal Nito or instal xbmc the green check mark in the centre never appears. Any suggestions?


Your atv should be connected to your tv with internet connection. Then run the nito installer from your pc.