Can't download any subtitles on Infuse Pro 5

Hello, many times i can’t download any subtitles. Got the message i have to check my internet connection but my internet connection is good. Reboot my Apple TV or Infuse doesn’t have any positive results. It happens often since a few months and getting worse. I use Infuse Pro 5 latest update on my Apple TV 4K.
I live in the Netherlands

Is this issue wellknown? How to solve this?

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It’s caused by problems with the subtitle provider, opensubtitles. If you look at the bottom of this page you’ll see a list of links, select status to see how their site is doing. You’ll see they’ve been having issues for a while.

I doubt that. Because going to the website of the provider everything works normal. And at the same time I get errors in Infuse.
Would be great to have Infuse not rely on one provider but merge the results of a few providers…

Yes, im agree with that…

Unfortunately it appears OpenSubtitles is currently unavailable in some countries, but a guide that describes a workaround for Apple TV can be found here.

I can understand that this is the case. But in my situation the service (or the code in Infuse) is unreliable. When I get an error on the Apple TV app and I open up the website on the tablet it just displays the site.

Thats the reason for my suggestion: use more subtitle providers in the app so the service in general becomes more reliable.

The same here… It says Error #21
Why should updating DNS help?

Same problem over here. I can’t download any subtitles.

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Hi - I am from the U.K and new to infuse. I have just purchased infuse pro to use with my new apple tv 4k.
I am having the same problem when I try to download subtitles I am getting the same error message i.e. Please check your internet connection.
However when I immediately open on my iphoneX or my ipad it works fine.

After multiple tries it sometimes works, but on other occasions it doesn’t work.

So there is clearly a problem with the subtitle download function and this is one of my main reasons for purchasing infuse so that I can download subtitles easily and quickly.
I rely on subtitles as I suffer from single sided deafness i.e. I am deaf on one ear and rely on subtitles to watch anything with any joy.

Please please can you look into this matter urgently?

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Same problem over here

I’m afraid this tip didn’t help me.
Setting the DNS server did not bring any success either on the Apple TV or on the router.
The subtitles are not downloadable in either case. The error message alternates with “no Internet connection” and “Error #21”.

Same problem over here. :frowning:

The website and API actually run on different servers…so the API could be unavailable while the website works fine (and vice versa).

We’ve been working on a more reliable solution with OpenSubtitles, and plan to have more news on this in the not too distant future.

I agree with Renzo open subtitles is giving error from time to time and I’ve been a user of firecore since the atv second gen.
I think you should study to open to other subs provider as this is very annoying.