Can't download 3.5.5

When I go to my Account page it shows the following…

Download aTV Flash Version 3.5.5
aTV Flash - Mac - Link expires: Tuesday June 02, 2009 - 29 downloads remaining

Assume this means my account has expired? The fact that it says 29 downloads remaining has me confused though. Do I have to pay another $50 or is there a lower rate for someone who already purchased?

Sorry, just confused as to exactly what I need to do to get access again.


As far as I know you have to purchase the whole atvflash again. The extra $10 per year is only available to you during the purchase stage. You can E-mail Fire Core and see if they will help you out.

I guess I should have read the fine print. I didn’t realize when I purchased aTV Flash a little over a year ago that future upgrades were limited to 1 year. Big disappointment. Not sure if I’m willing to invest $50 more to get another year of upgrades.

Feel free to contact Fire Core and if you want future years, they might cut you a deal. You will not have to pay the full $50 again most likely.