Can't do full backup in "Backup My Settings"

Hi Folks!

Do anyone know why I can’t do a full backup of my settings and metadata on my AppleTV 2. gen?

The “normal” backup works, but if I choose to do a full backup my ATV is working with that for a loooong time, and then my AppleTv reboots. (Backup fails!!)

I have metadata for about 1800 movies, so maybe the backup file will be to large to save “in the sky”?

Is there a way to save a backup locally on my Mac?


Thanks in advance =o)

I have the exactly same issue. I don’t want to update my ATV2 and jailbreak before having a backup of all my settings and apps.


If you have an extremely large collection a ‘Full’ backup may be too large for the Apple TV to compress and upload.

An alternative would be to simply do a normal backup. This will save all the necessary info, minus the actual cover art files which will be automatically re-downloaded as needed.