Can't display some episode thumbs on AppleTV using Plex


I store some YouTube video metadata in my Plex Media Server, and watch them through Infuse App or Plex App. It’s strange that most of YouTube video’s thumbs can’t display on AppleTV. But they work just fine on macOS or iOS. and each time I click “Scan for Changes” in “Library” menu on tvOS/macOS/iOS, infuse try to fetching same amount of artwork for these YouTube videos again and again.

How could I fix these problems, thanks.

Can’t display on AppleTV

Some can display on AppleTV

All work fine on iOS/macOS

Fetching these artworks again and again

Have you let it complete so it gives you the “Last Updated…” message?

Yes, I have used infuse for many years. I even tried reinstall infuse on AppleTV. But nothing changed, these YouTube video’s thumb still can’t display.

I would have suggested maybe “Refresh Metadata” would be the button to choose, since the titles are already in your library. “Scan for Changes” just seems force Infuse to take note of movies or TV episodes I newly added to my watched folders, and get rid of ones I deleted.

But since you rebuilt your library multiple times, that’s not likely what you need.

What file format are the YouTube thumbnails that don’t show? Have you tried converting them to jpg (or something else if they are already jpgs) to see if there is some sort of glitch with the encoding of the files? Do they have any unusual pixel dimensions? Are the images stored locally, or scraped directly from YouTube? If the latter, have you tried saving them locally?

(Often I’ll download a poster from TMDB that looks fine on my system, but when I import it to photoshop, it looks weird and half purple. Some different sort of encoding I can get Photoshop to recognize if I hit the right buttons and select the right options … but too much of a pain. Instead, I just use my trusty “resize Images” power toy (I have a windows PC) and resize the image to 100% it’s current height and width, with “overwrite original” selected. So basically all that does is “copy” the JPG, and recreate it the same as it was. Takes 2 seconds. But in whatever it does, it removes the encoding layer that made the picture show up purple in photoshop. Perhaps YouTube layers on some sort of copy protection code? No idea, just trying to offer suggestions.)

Thanks for your wonderful advice, bro.

I find thumbs cannot display are all webp format. It seems Infuse on AppleTV doesn’t support webp. But Infuse on macOS/iOS can.

I will try to convert them to jpg.

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Cool — Glad you figured it out! Sorry you’ve got to do the work of converting all the images.
Could be either Infuse, or the Apple TV itself. Maybe @james knows.

(Infuse supports more flavors of HDR than the Apple TV does, and in those cases their isn’t anything Infuse can do about it until Apple decides to update the tvOS. Could be like that?)

Seems like tvOS’s problem, It doesn’t support webp.

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