Can't delete my directories

Try this, under the SFTP menu select “Show hidden files.” Fugu, or maybe SSH in general (idk…) won’t let you delete a directory with a file in it…even if it’s one you can’t see. I had the same problem with directories with Xvid files.

Its the same here and after install i can’t stream my radio stations, what i did before it can!!
Look at my ask in the forum!!

Thks for the TIP!
Its not clever to delete first all the files in a MAp and after the map itself.
Mast be repare this function that is terrible work!

DaveWonders is right.

The directories need to be empty before you try and remove them.

Under the SFTP menu, select show hidden files. Now remove all the files from within the directory you wish to remove. Once the files have been removed, the directory can be removed as well.