Can't Delete Movie Folder

I copied up a movie (TS_VIDEO folder) via FTP (Transmit). During the movie playback, the AppleTV hung and I had to remove the power and reboot it. Now I am getting an error trying to delete the folder. The error I’m getting reads:

“could not delete “.pureftpd-upload.4a851442.15.c9.3c0d73b3”.” Then it reads, "Prohibited file name.(pureftpd…same as before). Error -144: remote delete failed.

I’ve successfully deleted all the files in the folder, but cannot delete the folder or subfolder. Any ideas? All rights look normal (Owner is 501 and rights are 755).

How can I delete this folder?

Thanks in advance.

I’m assuming you have SSH’d into the Apple TV? If so then type:

sudo rm -r folder_name

You will be asked for your password before it performs the task. Also be sure to be in the Movies folder first. Let me know if you need further help.

That did the trick. Thanks very much.