Can't delete files

This hasn’t worked for the last few versions of ATV Files. Get the following message:

An error occurred
Press Play/Pause to restart your Apple TV

Which is so annoying, PLEASE can this be fixed?!

There is an updated version of ATVFiles available that corrects this issue. This new version can be installed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

Thanks for that, have updated the aTV software to version 3, and downloaded the new aTVFlash version 4. Still having problems though:

“Files” menu has disappeared, implying ATVFiles no longer there;
Under Maintenance > Manage Plugins there’s no option to install ATVFiles, I only have the following:
[list]AirControl (Not Installed)
nitoTV (Installed)
XBMCLauncher (Not Installed)
Maintenance (Installed)[/list:u]
Additionally, when I create the patchstick there’s no option to include ATVFiles in the installation:
I can view media using nitoTV, but I prefer ATVFiles because of the delete option! Any ideas?

ATVFiles is not yet available for the 3.0 AppleTV software. As soon as a compatible version is available it will appear in the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

Many thanks I’ll look out for that, obviously not fixed as per first reply: