Can't delete file from AppleTV 4k

I’ve been trying to delete a single file from InfusePro and no matter what I do I get the same 'error deleting file message." I’ve deleted the file from my ipad with no problem, both have file management allowed so I don’t know why I can get it off the Ipad but not the Infuse app on my appletv 4K.
The library is on a Win10 PC so I don’t know if this is an issue at all but it’s very frustrating, especially with the pro version.

Have you checked on the server to make sure you have Read/Write permissions and not Read Only set for the ATV user?

Also, on the iPad are you talking about when you have downloaded the file to the iPad or are you talking about deleting off the server?

The ATV can’t download files so that may be the difference.

I’ve set the permissions on the file itself and the folders to allow full permissions. I can’t delete any file it seems after testing on the ATV, I just get an error.
On the ipad I mean deleting off the server.

Now I’m also noticing I’ve lost files from several libraries on my ipad too and I get an errorcode 0xc00000d0 when I try to access certain folders.
Everything was working fine except for the delete and now I’m getting indexing errors too.

Are you using a username and password in Infuse to connect to Windows?

Without these, Infuse will try to connect as a guest which may have certain limitations.

It has the proper credentials to sign in. This isn’t the issue.