Cant Create Flash Drive

Hi, very new to all this and having problems creating the flash drive.
Step 6, “Downloading Apple TV Update file”, is all OK and downloads to 100%
But then the app stops and nothing is copied to the USB drive. I have tried re-partitioning the drive and also going to step 5, to “Locate File” but this does not work either.
Can anybody help? Thanks. M.

I’m assuming you are using the Windows version. I don’t have experience with it yet, but will see about getting that version so I can help out more with this topic.

Hi Madcan,
No, I am on a MAC. Going to purchase another USB and see if it makes a difference. Any other suggestions?
Cheers. M.

Okay. Sorry about that. Let me know if another drive works or not and I’ll help you out.

Problem solved…

Below response from aTV Support:
[i]The installer is conflicting with another application installed on your computer. This results in the download percentage not being calculated correctly. When it reaches 100 percent, it may actually only be at 70 percent.

We’re tracking down the underlying cause, and should have a fix in the next release. In the meantime, just give the installer a few extra minutes after it hits 100% and it should proceed with the install.

I left the app running for about 20mins and when I went back to it, it had installed all the software on the USB. Coolio.