Can't Connect via SMB after Update to Mac Ventura

I updated my MacBook Pro (M1 Max) from Monterey to Ventura in Nov. 2022 and noticed that the SMB connection between my Mac and the Infuse app (both on my iPhone XS and an older iMac) stopped working. When attempting to connect as usual, I would only see “An error occurred” message.

I later discovered that disabling “File Sharing”, restarting my MBP, then re-enabling “File Sharing”, would allow the connection to work normally, and I’ve been using this method as a workaround ever since (I also found this older post confirming the workaround). However, I’ve also been attempting to get to the bottom of the issue and, after about nine months of slow/intermittent correspondence directly with Firecore customer support and following all of their troubleshooting suggestions (including sending diagnostics), I’ve reached a dead end. Their last response was as follows:

"If Infuse is able to connect after disabling and re-enabling the file sharing option on the Mac but then stops working, this would indicate there may be a configuration issue on the Mac itself somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly where this would be, but a handful of others have also reported similar bugs over the past few it may be a bug in the current version of macOS."

Can anyone shed any additional light on this issue? One other note worth mentioning– It looked like it was intended to be fixed earlier this year via an Apple software update, but the update didn’t seem to make a difference for me.