Cant connect to synology on second AppleTv


i have an apple TV HD with Infuse 6 pro on. it works fine, i can connect to my synology nas without any issue.

today i have purchased an second apple TV (4k), did the basic setup using the same apple ID i use on the other apple tv.

after i have installed Infuse pro 6 i tried to connect to the synology nas, the app found it on the local network but when i try to browse shared folders i get an error message. First it starts with testing connection, then a connection error message.

if i install infuse pro on my iphone i get connected to nas without a problem.

any idea what can i do?

i want to use it as a secondary device for the kids.

Check in synology Security settings to make sure that it didn’t get added to the block list. Add your internal subnet to the allow list.

hi, its not on the block list. even if i turn off firewall in syno the new infuse cant connect. it does see the share but connection times out also i dont see in the syno logs that it has ever attempted to connect.

Maybe there is a problem with IP addresses? Make sure everything gets it’s own fixed.