can't connect hdmi fast enough after jb

Ok so I have a atv 2g firmware version 4.2.1.  I went through the steps of jailbreaking with Seasonpass without a hiccup, but when I race to my tv in the other room to hook up the hdmi cable, the apple logo comes up but then I get a message of hdmi not connected.  I have tried the jailbreak several times with no success and have rebooted the atv to make sure that's not it.  The instructions say to unhook micro usb then hook up hdmi cable while the atv still has power and is problem seems to be that as soon as I disconnect the micro usb, the power is lost and I cant connect the hdmi cable fast enough....


Any others have the same problem?  Any suggestions.  Tethered jb is a pain.

You need to tether from the Apple TV so disconnect HDMI at the Apple TV and do it all from there.  I haven't used Season Pass yet I have been done it manually every time so I can't say it works but everything is done at the Apple TV so you should be able to do it.  I am moving mine into the bed room today so I will try it tonight.

To boot tethered, the power cable must be plugged in with the USB cable.  Once the tehtered boot is complete, disconnect the USB only and hook up the HDMI cable.  If you lose power, you lose the tethered boot.


The Greenpois0n untethered jalibreak should be implemented at some point, but in the meantime, can you move your computer into the other room?