can't configure Media Player



Clearly a Noobie here.


I have followed all the instructions (but obviously I’m missing something).


To start off with I only want to scan in TV Shows.


So from My Files I have set all folders to None, except for the folder labelled TV Shows (which I set as TV Shows).


I have in theory setup the Share to go directly to the TV Show folder to further limit things 


The SMB is set as Gold_NAS1/File_Share/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/TV Shows (I originally used \ in the name per instructions, but that didn’t work so I’m now trying /).


I have scanned the SMB, and the results show Movies 595, TV Episodes 190 and Audio Tracks 8678.  By the way, according to iTunes I only have 213 Movies, 177 shows, and 4565 songs.


When Fetching metadata it never finishes.


So a few questions:


  1. why isn’t the fetching completeing?

  2. Shouldn’t this only show the TV Episodes since I set all other folders to None (e.g., It has imported my Music, including many in Others)

  3. Shouldn’t it only be scanning the TV Show folder in the first place based on the SMB I setup?

4. In the TB Shows section of the Library it only seems to show Two shows - The Muppets and the Sopranos.  For the Sopranos its calling the show Catfish (?), and for the muppets its only showing one of two seasons.  Thoughts?


Here’s a picture of my file structure in case that helps.


an added piece of information as it is fetching it all of a sudden exits the media player to the main menu with the Media Player highlighted.

I had a similar issue, not 100% sure how I fixed it. But try creating another share with nothing in it, then put 1 or 2 tv shows or movies in it and see if that finishes. That is what I did, once I got something working, I moved the files in chunks to the new share. I realize that won’t work for you because you are scanning iTunes content (I was not). But see if it will scan something at least.

going to create a new share called Music


When referencing the share should it be Gold_Nas1/Music or Gold_Nas1\Music?

I would use the forward slash ( / ). Also, you can try using the IP address instead of the NAS name.

thank you for the advice.  Followed your guidance and it has definitely helped.


I must add that several of my issues as I’ve worked through them have been user errors (e.g., typos).


I still have a lot of material in the Other category which I still need to work through, but a couple of questions in the meantime:


  1. How do things get in the Other categroy in the first place…all folders are either labeled as Movies or TV Shows…shouldn’t they go to the right category even if there are issues on the metadata?


  1. why doesn’t the media player leverage the metadata built right into the files.  Having to change all the labels on all the files is a LOT of work…seems to me leveraging the existing metadata first followed by the TVdb would be good (even better would be controllable by preference)


Thank you for your help with this - trying to better understand how this works to hopefully make the go forward journey easier than its been so far.

I’ve now got all of my TV Shows showing up and fixed which is great news.


HOWEVER - I have a ton of movies that are showing up in Other.  The particularly curious thing is that all show with the correct metadata (correct name, description, cover image, etc)…the only issue I’m having is that they are showing up in other instead of Movies.


I’ve checked the folder with the movies and it is tagged as Movies.


Any suggestions?