Can't change "Local Metadata" problem - Apple TV (4)

I renamed all the files and folders correctly but one folder doesn’t automatically fetch metadata. It says “Local Metadata” on the top right of the screen.

Is there any way to fix this? I’ve looked online but there isn’t a lot of information regarding this. I’m very new to Infuse so any help is appreciated.

Also, it works perfectly fine on my iPhone and iPad. So it’s not the files or the naming structure - it appears to be an issue with the Apple TV settings.

Thank you so much in advance!

If you navigate to the problem folder (folder is selected and not in the folder itself) and then do a long press on the remote do you get a menu up which allows you to change where the metadata comes from … Maybe you have accidentally set that directory to Use Local Metadata.

I had tried that probably 20 times yesterday and nothing happened. Reset my Apple TV today and tried it again and it gave me the option for “Use Online Metadata” and now it works. I swear I tried that. You have that magic touch I guess… Thank you!

Edit: I just went through checking each folder and some allow me to long click for metadata options and some don’t. I guess I just don’t understand what determines which folders offer the option. Now, after changing to “Use Online Metadata” the folder in question doesn’t allow the long click anymore. Either way, problem solved!