Cant change folder image on iPad Pro.

Ive created some custom folder images for my NAS shares, and Infuse 5 seems to see them and use them as expected…almost.

In no list mode its showing the wrong image for one of my folders. I created this image earlier but decided to change it. Nothing i do will get rid of it from Infuse. Ive changed the name, deleted it, deleted the share from Infuse, nothing will get rid of this and use the new image.
The strange thing is if i go to list mode it picks the new one up fine, built going back to non list mode shows them old file.

Any ideas? Ive spent a long time trying to fix this and to be honest i might just go to Plex if this is how time consuming its going to be.

EDIT. Never mind, i cleared the cash and it seemed to work. Not a good workaround though.