cant boot tethered no signal

hey im running the latest atv2 with seas0npass, it was running fine then i needed to reboot it so tried to do tethered boot it says succesful but the atv never comes back on just “no signal” below is my log please help, i really dont wanna have to reinstall everything again:

Once the tethered boot is complete you will need to disconnect the USB and connect the HDMI cable before the light on the front of the ATV stops blinking.

You’ve got a fair amount of time to do this, but if you don’t make it in time the tethered boot process will need to be repeated.

i do it straight away though cant do it much quicker i been tryin all day

anybody got any suggestions, or know how to fix

or is there a way i can backup my xbmc folder then at least i can try restoring it

I have the same problem. Tethered bootup without success. Only have success the first time.

I have tried 10 times or more.