Can't align shows with two mini episodes per episode

I’m being terribly unsuccessful at matching metadata through the Infuse Apple TV app for the kids cartoon, Paw Patrol (PAW Patrol (TV Series 2013- ) — The Movie Database (TMDb)).

Each 22-minute episode consists of two 11-minute episodes. Both my files and the themoviedb listings combine the two mini episodes into one episode. Yet when I view them, episode “2” (which consists of the 3rd and 4th mini episode) are showing the metadata for the second mini episode of episode “1”…and that just repeats. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong in my labeling of files to get it to align.

Someone told me that it might be using TVDB instead of themoviedb. TVDB ( breaks up the mini episodes into two episodes.

Any suggestions?

You are quite correct that Infuse uses TVDB for tv series information. (It uses themoviedb for Movie information)

Currently Infuse doesn’t support 2 (or more) episodes in a single file, although James has previously mentioned it is something they may consider for a future release.

I would suggest at the moment that you try naming the files with the form:
Paw Patrol S01E01-E02 whatever you like.mkv

Then at least the episode name and description will match the 1st episode and hopefully if Infuse supports double episodes in the future it will automatically pick up the 2nd episode name and description.

Is there any development on this feature, or the ability to select DVD ordering from Most of my kids shows fall into this 2 mini episode single file situation. It would be really nice to have some options here.

We really enjoy the pro version of infuse and works really well with our Apple ecosystem, far better than Apple’s built in navigation menus.

I’ve been loving Infuse Pro for quite a while now. I love how I can basically throw whatever into Infuse’s folder and it will sort everything neatly on it’s library. But this has been driving me absolutely insane for the past two weeks or so, since I started adding cartoons.
Every single one of my kids shows falls into this situation.

Except this are not two episodes on one file, this are two “shorts” inside one episode. That’s the way cartoons used to air (honestly don’t know if they still do them that way).
IMDb has them listed per episode. also has them listed per episodes. It’s that (for some inexplicable reason) has them divided per shorts instead of per episode.

I used to think (like e3qzf said) that the only way to view them correctly on was to select “DVD Order”, but some shows have their seasons divided on more than one DVD.
For example Animaniacs. On themoviedb, it shows season 1 as having 65 -correctly numbered- episodes, and 2/3 “shorts” per episode.
On thetvdb, season 1 has 160 “episodes” (shorts). If we sort them out by DVD order, it shows DVD 1 with 25 episodes, DVD 2 with 25 episodes and DVD 3 with 15 episodes.
So I’m guessing if we change it to be sorted by DVD order, I would have to rename everything and S01E65 would have to be something like S01DVD3E15…

Maybe it would be easier to have animated tv shows get themoviedb metadata, or to let us choose between one or the other

I still don’t know if I should just create a new folder and use my own local metadata on that (killing one of the reasons I love Infuse), or if I should name them according to’s “shorts” (having every even numbered episode “missing”), knowing that if James releases some update to fix all of this, then I’m gonna have to rename all of those episodes…

I hope we can get some sort of update on this…

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