Can't "add shares" since updating media player

Hi, I’ve used fire core and Media Player for a while now.


Everything has been great and I’ve used media player quite frequently to play movies etc from my routers shared USB drive.

Never had a problem until recently i upgraded to the latest version of Fire Core and the attached Media Player (Version 2.0.1-359)


Now when I go to Media Player it’s asking me to add share, when I click on it - it says “other” with a spinning ball and I presume it’s trying to find the shared drive. Previously when I click on it it would find it instantly without any issues.

I’m running ATV2 with the latest IOS and FireCore.

My router is a netgear DGND3700 - which has an attached USB drive. Connected to it is the same USB I’ve always used. a 16GB drive formatted with Fat32.

It’s set up correctly and I can see and use the shared drive within both my mac and windows machines.

My router is set to static IP for all devices

I’ve not changed anything or made any chance expect upgrade firecore to the latest version.

Help Please? Thank you

I too am having the exact same problem. I actually have two atv2 (one with the most current release and one with 2.0). The 2.0 finds my shares no problem and I get the spinning wheel with the current release. I should note I rejailbroke it last night and its a fully fresh install giving these issues. I had the problem and did a full reinstall expecting it to be solved. Turns out media seems to be broken ATM. Looking forward to a solution.

To be specific media player version 2.0.1-359 is able to find the shares without problem, while the most current release is unable to locate them.

I have that problem too… any solutions?!


Both my aTV’s are now doing this. I now can’t use them to get to any of my files on my PC’s.


Any solutions?



Do you have XBMC installed by chance?



Yes I do? Would that stop the normal media application from not working?




It shouldn’t, but they’ve changed quite a bit in 12.0 so you might try removing it to see if things change.


It will not allow me to delete XBMC, actually is seems to not allow me to remove any of the items. Nitro etc will not remove.


I forgot to say, that in XBMC, I was able to add a share to my PC and browse my files, but generally I prefer to access films and the like via Media.



I am having the same issue.  Has anyone resolve this yet?

Same issue on two ATV 2’s since updating media player, all kinds of smb problems. I’ve had a little success by adding the server manually by ip address rather than browsing but it’s still broken.