Can't add Movies to 'favourites' home page

Utterly maddening, can’t get the ‘films’ section to display on the home page. Have to go through several menus to get to ‘films’.

You can add favorites for Plex shares via Settings > Shares > Share Name > Add Favorite

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Hi James, is this in Infuse? As Ive tried what I think you’re referring to and cannot get it to work. Ive tried pretty much every setting for the last hour and it’s infuriating, especially as a paying member.

Thank you James. I got this working. Next question would be is there different icon logos I can use from Infuse itself for the icons as the only option I can find is custom art from my storage?

Infuse doesn’t include any pre-bundled artwork options, but a set of alternate images can be found here.

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