Can't add custom artwork to the library

my problem is as described in the title that i can’t add custom artwork to my movies/series in the library view.
I followed the Metadata 101 Guide but i must be doing something wrong. My folder structure is this: series/seasonX/episodeX.mkv
As i understand it if i want to change the Series cover i put a jpg named ‘poster.jpg’ (or .png) into the Series folder. I have also tried ‘Season 1-poster.jpg’ and ‘Season-all-poster.jpg’ without success.

The only thing that worked was adding folder artwork in the folder view. I am on the latest Infuse Pro 5.9. Any help is highly appreciated.

First, welcome to the forum!

As to the file names you may have better luck with “show-name_s01e02.ext” instead of just the episode number so your structure would be “Series Name” > “Season 0X” > “show-name_s0Xe0X.ext”

You can find the recommended naming structures here Metadata 101 – Firecore

I’ve also attached a pic of the directory structure and file naming for adding season and fan art. that may help.

Note the season artwork is in the “Series” directory, not in the “Seasons” directory

Sorry my bad, should have described my folder structure correctly. All my series are formatted like you suggested, following the Metadata 101 guide.
But not fanart.jpg or any other title works for me in library view. Could it be because my collection is on Google Drive? As i said in the folder view adding folder.jpg’s works, just not for the library view.

Can you browse that google drive from the share in Infuse instead of in the library?

Later today when I get a chance, I’ll upload that test folder I showed in the pic above to Google Drive and see if it works for me there.

Yes, i can browse the google drive perfectly fine on both iphones and ipads, everything works just fine (in library view too). All shows and movies are tagged correctly and load their default artworks from TVDB. Adding a folder.jpg works for browsing it directly but nothing changes in library view unfortunately. :frowning:

I appreciate the help btw.

Unfortunately, custom artwork for TV shows is not currently available when streaming from Google Drive. Sorry.

Is there a timeline when it is available?

is there a possibility to put artwork into the folders that show up when you click on the 2nd icon from the bottom left on iPad ? I have all my favorites folders showing up there but they are all just plain gray and i cant find an option to put a cover on each folder

I just put a folder.jpg in the respective folders. The difficult part is finding good looking artwork to use for the favorite folders…

@james is the firecore team working on a gsuite integration for own artwork?