Can't add custom artwork to movies

I have my films in a folder titled ‘Films’.

As I understand it, if I want custom artwork, I simply add the 1:1.5 ratio (e.g. 1000px x 1500px jpg) into the ‘Film’ folder with the same title…so for example

Star Trek 2 - The Wrath Of Kahn [1982] 2160p 10bit 5.1.mkv

would need a jpeg labelled as:

Star Trek 2 - The Wrath Of Kahn [1982] 2160p 10bit 5.1.jpg

^^^^ Having done this, it doesn’t work, the film still shows up with the artwork scrapped from TMDB.

Is there another setting I need to enable?

P.S. It scrapes correctly, it’s just a custom artwork problem

For custom artwork on a folder try naming the pic “folder.jpg” and place it in the folder you want to have the custom artwork as detailed here.

For item specific artwork you have the right method, but you may have to do an “edit metadata” after you place the artwork so it gets refreshed.

That’s only true for the Folder custom artwork, not individual movies.

So if you had a folder called A which had 20 movies in it, labelling a jpg as folder.jpg will simply show the enclosing folder A with the new artwork - it won’t do anything with the enclosed movies.
So doing this in my case would simply change the artwork for the ‘Film’ folder itself, NOT the individual film Wrath Of Khan…

The FAQ specifically states that for individual videos WITHIN a folder (my situation), you have to name the specific .jpg filer to the same name as the movie itself.

For instance:

Inception (2010).mkv needs a file called Inception (2010).jpg

Shawshank needs a fiel called Shawshank Redemption.jpg

etc etc

I have done this but it’s not working.

I have also refreshed Metadata and moved and replaced the file, rebooted the ATV …nothing works.
When I look at the film list, Wrath Of Khan stubbornly stays with the scraped artwork instead.

Did you do the edit metadata and reselect the correct choice to update the artwork after you placed it there?


Could you do a screen cap showing the movie file and art file names and file structure?

You may have missed this since we’re both responding.

Sorry - doing it now:

here’s the enclosed folder:

enclosed folder

Here’s the file list view shwoing the artwork has the exact same name as the film itself:

If you could post that jpg I’ll try it on here on Infuse and see if it works for me.

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Just a rogue thought, could you try deleting the apostrophe in “Director’s” for both movie and art?

I’ve seen strangeness in the past when some punctuation was used in file names.

THANK YOU so much, you fixed it :grin: - by asking me to upload it.

I just couldn’t uplaod it to this forum, either hangs or errors out, so I went to the HDD directly and realised I can’t move or view or copy that particular image at all - kept giving me a pernmissions error (I can view anything on my own HDD, including TV show series artwork so this isn’t normal).

I managed to delete the artwork using sudo via terminal and have replaced with the same one I want from TMDB and it works.

I’m guessing something corrupted on the file when I transferred it and all the unix permisiions went haywire.

Trying to upload it here for you uncovered the problem - thanks for your help :+1:

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Glad you figured it out. I knew it had to be a unusual reason. :wink:

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