Can't access movies after moving them to new external drive

I have my movies stored on an external hard drive connected to my iMac. All worked fine until I ran out of room and got a Drobo external drive for storage. Now when I try to access a movie I get a black screen with “VIDEO_TS” on it, but no movie. I then used Handbrake to convert the movie to m4v and these run fine.
Any ideas?


Which menu are you using to play the files?

The menu entitled “Files” to the right of Nitotv.

nitoTV is the only menu that will support raw DVD (VIDEO_TS) files.

Thank you!

I am having the same problem. Nitro used to be able to see all my movies on my External drive, Now all I get is the “VIDEO_TS” file. Boxee can still read and play the movies. Any help would be greatly appreciated

What version of AppleTV and aTV Flash do you have installed?

ATV Flash 4.1.1

Apple TV software: 3.0.2