Cant access external HD through airport extreme via media

Current setup:
Apple tv 2 (black)
Airport extreme
External hard drive (WD book 1TB)



I have been trying to access my external HD through media on the aTV menu, I can see the HD the HD, but when I enter the HD it displays an error “could not open dir [smb://].reason: operation timed out (60)”, any ideas what is going on, this is driving me mad.


Can you log into the same SMB share via another machine on your network?

This error occurs when ever I disconnect and reconnect the hard drive, in order to get access I need to re enter the password in media settings then restart lowtide.


The upcoming Beta6 version will have improved AFP/SMB streaming, so you may hold off until this new version is released later this month.

I hope these issues will be resolved when Beta6 is released, especially with the memory issue when trying to watch a movie

Hi, I get the same error while trying to watch a movie, play music or browse my photos from an external HD. I can access the file list, but when opening a file the operation ends with a timeout error.

When will the beta6 released? I have purchased the aTv Flash (black) a month ago, and can’t use it!




Finally have found an intelligent note about what is likely happening to external or internal drives; and difficulty getting access.  Everything has to be NAMED.  When you format a drive under windows you have the option to name the drive.  Guess what.  That is not an option in a mixed connectivity environment.  The drive has to be named, and formated as HFS+ or as FAT32.  Also the Airport Extreme base station (aka AEBS) has to be named.  This is the only way that a windows (SMB) will be able to see the drive, on a network.

Will test this out tonight.  Bet this is an issue with many folks.  Also assume that ATVFlash Media Player will not see a directory or files, unless the drive is named.  Of course everything has to also be SHARED too.  And in the same named WORKGROUP with whatever you gave your devices as a workgroup name on your network. 


Hi, this is not my case.

I am accessing media on my QNAP NAS via UPnp. All my files can be browsed, but streaming does not work. In all cases, after trying to stream a video, all applications on the ATVFllash can not access data via wireless. So even the browser can not access the internet. All I have to do is shut down the AppleTV, unplug the power cable and reboot after few minutes.




  You might want to try switching from UPnP to SMB protocol, if you can with your NAS.  This article shows how to work this in XBMC from a server running WIN7 (as example of it working - not your exact situation).  Maybe it will help to think of a solution in this direction.  Have read that UPnP is too slow to work for some.  

Thanks, I will try with SMB as soon as I’m back home. The same for Media Player.