Cannot view files on attached drive of Mac (using AppleTV)

Is there any way to access files on an external drive attached to a Mac that you have set up as a Share on AppleTV via SMB? I ran out of space on my Mac so I moved all of my movie files to an external USD SSD drive. Only problem is I can’t figure out a way to see the folders/files on that external drive. I get a “no files/folder” error when I click on the drive’s folders…even though the Share list does display that volume in the possible list of shares. Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of Infuse? I get the same error using Infuse on my iPhone as well.

FWIW, I also tried creating a symlink from the Mac to it’s external drive - no joy.

Thanks in advance,
Rob from AZ

Did you do a get info on the external drive and set the sharing permissions and check the shared folder box?

Don’t forget to check the Sharing settings in the Mac System prefs too for the external drive permissions.

Edit to add:
Just in case, here’s the users guide that may help if you haven’t seen it .

The exact same problem here. I can add my Mac from the available shares, and add a folder from the Mac as a favourite. But if I try to add a folder from an attached drive, it doesn’t show the content of the drive and I get the ‘File/Folder not found’ error. The external drive itself can be added as a favourite, but when selected on the home screen I get the same error and it doesn’t show its content either. Followed the suggestions and the user guide, but still a no-go.

I found a solution but it wasn’t using SMB. It was using SFTP. If you can make an SFTP share then you can find the Volumes folder under Users and that will reveal all of the attached drives and you CAN access the folders.

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. I get an error with all protocols other than SMB.

Got it working again following this response by NC_Bullseye.
After iCloud Syncing with Infuse on my Mac (which was still functioning correctly), I was able to see the contents of the external drive again. Thanks :dart: !


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