Cannot transfert files during install

I installed aTV, update to last firmware (to try the airplay that doesn't work with iPhone 3G, even for music), downgrade to 4.0 with PWNageTool, tried a ssh connection (I had a problem with hash signature that I had to remove from knownhost file as it is not the same as it was before that).

Trying to install aTV flash, it doesn't transfert file, it always ask me for my password.

I believe that there must be a hash signature cache somewhere as in every sftp client but cannot find it.

sFTP connection work ok with CyberDuck 2, ssh too.

I already successfully installed NitoTV and afpfs-ng.

Anyone has a hint for me ?


My mistakes :

- Have made a custom build with PWNageTool (expert mode, not recommended as it's sometimes react wirdly)

- Didn't restore with TinyUmbrella ssh server enabled (My problem could come from there)

Redone all and have successfully downgrade from 4.2 and install aTV