cannot sync mp4

I bought the ATVFlash software last week and installed it, thinking my days of not playing video were over! but ATV reports that a Handbreak-ripped MP4 file isn’t supported on the ATV. Where do I start looking for a way out?

Have you tried playing it in XBMC? If not, try that.

You may try toggling the ‘Apple H.264’ option in the Maintenance → Settings menu.

More information would be helpful:

  1. In the HandBrake rip, did you use the AppleTV default setting and/or make any changes?

  2. How did you move the mp4 over to the AppleTV?

  3. Do you see the MP4 in the Files (ATVFiles) menu?

  4. What happens when you attempt to play it?

  5. Have you tried to import it into iTunes? Is is playable there? Will it sync to the AppleTV.

  6. Did you find a way out?