Cannot Stream from Different Floor, Different Router Address

Dear Community

First of all, I would like to thank for the entire community supports, I have found many solutions while I am enjoying my Infuse Pro.

Now I have a question that I could not figure it out, neither do I have a thought to search in forum, so I think I’d better start a new topic.

Here is the situation. I have an old time capsule (3TB) and a Synology Drive (DS923+), I have a three floor house with one basement.

Firstly, I bought an AppleTV for my wife, so she could enjoy her favorite TV show on bed, and we decided to put the AppleTV in our main bedroom on third floor. I streamed videos from our Synology NAS and Time Capsule, all without problem.

Now, I have made a purchase for new AppleTV, and I put it in my living room, in the first floor so my kid could watch TV downstairs.

And it turned out that I could not stream my time capsule media in the first floor. In the third floor, I still could stream the videos, but not on the first floor.

Here is how my house IP setup

Router One (Directly Connected to our Internet Provider) ( ↔ Synology NAS (, Router Two, AppleTV (1st Floor) (
AppleTV (1st Floor) ( ↔ Router One (

Router Two ( ↔ Various Home Office Terminals (Desktops and Laptops), AppleTV (3rd Floor) (, Time Capsule (

So, how could I connect stream videos from Time Capsule ( on my First floor AppleTV ( I tried to place my Time Capsule in the first floor, but all my third floor terminals will lose access to time capsule. I tried to use direct ip connection to my Time Capsule via Infuse (Infuse, add Files → Add Server → → Added Successfully (On the Third Floor it works, but still not working on the first floor)

I know I may not explain myself clearly, if I have missed anything, please let me know, I will try to elaborate more.

Thank you again Community, I always love to be part of it.

If sounds like you have separate networks for each floor, and this can prevent devices on different networks from talking to each other. IE Devices on 192.168.5.x can talk to other 192.168.5.x devices, but will not be able to see or communicate with devices on say 192.168.1.x.

I assume you have reasons for wanting to keep these networks separate, but allowing for devices on some networks from communicating with other devices is something that can be adjusted in your router’s settings.

Alternatively, you may consider creating an additional network just for the Apple TVs, Synology, and Time Capsule and make available on all 3 floors. This would allow everything to connect but still stay separate from the other devices on other networks.