Cannot see files when viewing from "Library" but can see them when navigating directly to the folder on Google Drive

There are some folders and files that I can not see when viewing from “Library” but can see them when navigating directly to the folder on Google Drive. An example is a TV series for which there are 10 seasons. I can only see 9 of the seasons in the their respective folders when accessing them from the “Library” tab but I can see all seasons and files when I navigate directly to the share on Google Drive.

Have you looked in the “Other” folder in the library? Some files will go there until the metadata fetch is complete. Then Infuse moves them to the appropriate library directory.

The files are in the “Other” folder in the library but they have been there for a week! What else can I do trigger an import. Unlinking from Google Drive then reconnecting again to initiate another full scan yields the same results.

Sounds like the names on the one season that isn’t showing are different format from the others seasons that are working correctly. Can you provide an exact example of one of the episodes that isn’t showing?

Another question is what is the name of the folder for season 10? (I’m guessing it’s season 10 that isn’t working, if not what’s the mane of the folder for the season that is not working)

The folder I cannot see is named “season 01” with all other folders which can be seen are all named with the same convention e.g. “season 02”, “season 03” etc. The files names within the folder “season 01” are also using the exact naming convention as the other folders e.g. “series name 1x1 episode name.”

Okay, just to make things weirder, the first 9 episodes from every season folder are also missing. So the first episode in list view for all seasons is episode 10!

Then by all means, let’s see their actual file names.

There are file names such as “data-family.guy.s01.e07”. Editing them to “family.guy.s01.e07” resolves the issue. Apologies, I should have checked thoroughly before raising a ticket. Hopefully this may help other users.

Glad ya got it figured out. I know how frustrating it can get. :wink: