Cannot see all movies :-(


I have a collection of MKV, AVI, Vob files etc on a 1tb USB drive connected to my laptop.

I can see 2/3rds of them on Mediaplayer using SMB but there are some that do not appear at all.

This is quite random in that, for instance, most AVIs are visible and playable but others do not even show up in Mediaplayer.

Oddly, some will appear in XBMC and not in Mediaplayer and vice versa.

Could it be a problem with the hard drive (does it need defragging?  if so how do i defrag an external drive?) or does this sound like a Mediaplayer / Firecore issue for which there is a solution / I have to live with?

Thanks for reading.  Any advice would be much appreciated.


p.s.  my overall experience with this product is great.  however, knowing there are films on the disc i cannot see on Mediaplayer is doing my nut in.  lol.

Would you be able to provide a few sample filenames for those files that do no appear in Media Player?



Oddly there are some movies at the top of the screen (in the history) that I can play but don’t appear in the Share?

Clearly they could be seen at some point but are now hidden.



I have just realised that all films up to M are showing. Anything that begins N-Z iz hidden. I know that sounds bizarre!

I think i have resolved this.  All the films were in one folder, all 100gb of them!  The ATV2 must have a folder size limit because having moved half of them to a new folder on the same hard drive they now (magically) appear. 

I would imagine this is a common problem so mods might want to sticky this post.