Cannot resume playback after pausing

if I pause playback, the majority of the time I cannot resume playback - I have to close the window and restart the show from the main interface.

I’m on latest Sonoma Mac m1 ultra studio with latest infuse and directly connected to the files on an external hard drive.

Just to make sure could you provide the version number of Infuse and the MacOS?

Is this happening with PiP or the main Infuse window?

infuse pro Version 7.7.4 (7.7.4818)
Sonoma 14.4.1 (23E224)

its not pip but the main window

Just to cover all of the bases, could you update to 7.7.5 and see if it still happens?

So it’s not Jellyfin/Emby/File problem, it’s an infuse problem, just to make it clear, I went back to the latest 7.7.3 and everything is fine (start play/pause/resume wise) on MacOS.
Also I can see that playback on iOS is very choppy on almost all media files… something changed in iOS, I’m using 17.5 RC right now. Other players playback fine. Could fireCore please fix the app? It’s pretty silly that everytime something is added, some basic stuff is being broken… please.