Cannot resume HEVC x265 Files correctly or fast forward

I have a show I downloaded that is HEVC x265 and playing the files are fine, pausing and resuming the file works fine. However if I exit and go back in, rather than continue the episode it tries, and then eventually gives and error. The only way around it is to start the episode again. If I start the episode and try to fast forward to where I was in the episode the same occurs, I get an error and it exits the playback of the file.

Any ideas? I’m running the latest infuse Pro release from the 19th on Apple TV 4K.

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Will the file play all the way through without a pause?

Yes, if I play the file from start to finish it works fine, it’s just if I exit and go back in or if I try to fast forward the file then it errors out. A little frustrating :confused:

Probably best to send a sample of the file to Firecore - i’ve some hevc files that are no problem at all… but occasionally come across one that doesn’t play well… even using VLC with the file downloaded to a local hard drive on a Macbook. x265/hevc is still a bit new and more rare, so my guess is some files are just poorly encoded.

I’ve had a few cranky files over the years with similar issues. Would it be possible to download that file from a different source and see if your copy may be corrupt?

If possible, sending in a sample file can really help track down what’s going on.

James, file sample has been uploaded!

Thank you.

Yes I have exactly the same issue.

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I have the same issue in infuse 4 and 5 but vlc is working

Hi, I am having an effect, that might explain your issue. I am using two servers, a Macmini and a NAS. The nas is not always powered on, as the MAC is doing the main job.
When the nas is not on, starting movies, playing from last point and backwards, forwards is much slower, than if it is switched on.
That doesn’t really bother me. But maybe that helps, and maybe you have a similar situation.
It will never refuse, to do the actions. It’s just slower.