Cannot Restore on MacOS 11.3.1

I’m a Lifetime subscriber but still cannot restore the AppStore version on my MacOS 11.3.1.
Any suggestions?


First thing to check is make sure you’re signed in on the same user ID for iCloud and also make sure you have iCloud drive turned on and there is a check in the check box next to Infuse in the iCloud Drive settings.

All checked … thanks for the prompt reply :slight_smile:

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Did it restore now?

No, unfortunately not!
The Beta Version is installed (and works fine) does it matter or must I delete the beta (RC2).


I don’t have a beta running, but I don’t think with V7 you can have both beta and release running at the same time so that may be your problem. Again, I;m not 100% sure. Maybe @james will be able to chime in on this. :wink:

I deleted the beta app, but still cannot restore!
To make it clear, my Apple ID on the App store is the one I used for the Lifetime subscription; iCloud, Mail, etc. use another (Work) Apple ID; in case this makes a difference!

I’m pretty sure that the ID for app store and iCloud have to match. I’d say use the ID that has the lifetime sub showing.

No Go, I want to keep it this way because the files I keep on both drives are different (Private/Work); there must b another solution since it is only about a Sync drive!

Completely understand, I don’t have any experience running two different user info so I’ll wait for @james to chime in. :wink:

It worked when I signed-in to Trakt; interesting!
Now I am restored, but it might be a thing/Bug/restriction to look at :slight_smile:

I would think only the ID would need to match since that is the only one that authenticated with the store. iCloud is used for storing synced info.

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