Cannot restore Infuse Pro

I have been using Infuse Pro through the subscription for a few years now. The auto-renew is on so I haven’t even thought about it since I first purchased it.

Now, suddenly, Pro is deactivated on all my and my family devices, and restoring doesn’t work. Pressing the restore button makes the button shake and nothing happens. The subscription shows up in my settings, and even if I press the button to resubscribe, it doesn’t let me and tell me I am already subscribed.

I have tried updating all of my devices iOS and tvOS to the latest versions and have even tried factory resetting my Apple TV 4K. I have also made sure the app is on the latest version. Nothing works.

I have verified that I was charged $14.49AUD for a 1 year subscription on the 16th of December 2020. Therefore it should still be working now.

I have contacted support and have only received generic responses saying to make sure the app is updated or to do other basic things that I have clearly stated that I have already done in previous emails. I love Infuse, but this is getting seriously frustrating and I want to be able to use what I paid for, and for someone to help me get this to work. Hopefully someone here can help.


Here is a video showing what happens on my Apple TV. Shows a network error even though my Apple TV can connect to the network in every other app just fine.

A network error message usually indicates an issue with connecting to the App Store. This can usually be fixed by restarting the Apple TV.

Aside from that, you’ll want to ensure the store account used on the Apple TV is the same one which purchased the subscription. You should be able to see the Infuse subscription listed in the Subscriptions section in Settings.

Thanks for replying. I have already tried restarting my Apple TV multiple times and even went as far as to do a complete factory reset. It is signed into the same account that it shows it was purchased from in settings. This is happening on all my tvOS and iOS devices so it isn’t something to do with any particular device. I can install and use apps/subscriptions/purchases from the App Store perfectly fine on all my other devices.

The most common issue we see here is when people are switching between multiple Apple IDs or App Store countries. Downloading an Infuse update when signed into a different Apple ID can cause issues when restoring in-app purchases. I’m not sure if this apples to you.

Can you check to ensure the subscription appears under the default user on the Apple TV?

You can check this by navigating to: Settings > Users and Accounts > Default User > Subscriptions.

Apple TV’s default account is different to the account it was purchased on (although it is part of the same family) but the account with the subscription is signed in and activated when trying to renew the subscription. This all worked perfectly before anyway.

I have tried using an iPhone signed into the same iCloud as the subscription and the same thing happens on the iOS app. See the attached screenshot and video. It shows a network error here too, but this is impossible as you can see I have tried on wifi and 4G.

Have you switched Apple IDs on your iOS device by chance?

If so, you may need to redownload the app when logged in with the correct ID. The App Store gets a little weird with receipts in this regard.

This device has always been on the same account. Regardless, I have tried deleting and redownloading the app. Do you want me to send the transaction number or something for the most recent auto renew?

I don’t want to sound like I’m passing the buck, but have you tried reaching out to Apple to see if there is any issue with your account?

Developers don’t have access to any personal or transactional info from the App Store - which is a good thing - but this limits us to how much troubleshooting we’re actually able to do when issues like this arise.

In the app, we basically send a request to the App Store asking, ‘Hey Apple, what kind of Infuse receipts do you have for this Apple ID?’ and the App Store sends back whatever they have. This interaction is done directly between your device and Apple, and if the App Store doesn’t send back a valid receipt, then it can cause the issues you are seeing.

I used the TestFlight and updated to 6.6.3, and the update was not able to read that I had a subscription, it kept asking me to subscribe. When I went to restore the purchase I got a similar ‘Network Error’

The beta versions through testflight are totally separate from the versions purchased through the app store. They are sandboxed and don’t interact with active subscriptions. This thread is about the app store versions.

Yeah that’s how I expected it would work and I actually did contact Apple first. They checked and said the subscription was still active and there was nothing they could do and that I would have to contact the developer. I’m kinda stuck here on what to do :confused:

@james any ideas???

PM sent

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