Cannot restore Apple TV

Okay, I’ve given it a try, and the advantages of FireCore are unfortunately just not worth losing all that I’ve lost by jailbreaking. So I’d like to restore my Apple TV to factory software. I run Seas0nPass and tell it to restore the firmware. It completes the process, but the first thing I notice upon reboot is that the Settings app is showing the FC logo – so clearly this is still not a factory install.

I’ve tried the restore several different ways (“restore latest firmware” and “restore firmware ______” in Seas0nPass, “Reset” and “REstore” from within the Apple TV itself. Nothing works. The Seas0nPass restores seem to work, but the FC software is still there and updates are still disabled.

I’m getting really frustrated with this company. First they advertise that I won’t lose any of the built-in apps when I install FireCore (which is false), and now there’s apparently no way to get rid of what this software did to my device!

How the heck do I COMPLETELY UNDO all that Firecore’s installers did, so that I have an Apple Original install on my Apple TV?

Restore the Atv through iTunes not seas0npass!

Yup, that worked. Thanks.

OK, I have this same problem and want to do the same as strider72…however I cannot get iTunes to recognize the Apple TV. I’ve tried to put into DFU mode several times and it still never recognizes it. I have a Apple TV 2 with aTV Flash black 1.3. Any further help/suggestions? I wish there was just a simple reset button.

dougsamuels – Make sure the Apple TV is plugged in to power. That helped me with most functions.

I’ve have tried with and without the power cable in. That doesn’t seem to do it either. Other ideas?