Cannot read Google drive Pro 6(App/Tv)

In the past two weeks, regardless of any version of Pro, I cannot access the videos of Google Drive

No matter it is APPLE TV/APP, it is unavailable and will display an error
At first I thought it was a problem with my Google account
The source of my account is normal, there are normal payments, the space is 5T, and it will be used normally within 2 years, and it can also be downloaded/uploaded.
I think infuse will cause Google to misjudge

When it shows that the download exceeds the quota, you have to use it again after 24 hours. It is basically a bug. I download directly from the web page and it is no problem. The access through the software is locked for 30 minutes

firecore please hurry up to debug and solve the problem, I have been using Pro6 for two weeks, it’s a really bad experience

I’m from Taiwan, and my English is a bit bad, I hope to solve the problem

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