Cannot play without internet


Our ISP has a problem and we don’t have internet now. I have NAS, Apple TV 4K, iPhone, iPad iMac and Windows PC on same network. I can access NAS from iMac and Windows PC, however, cannot access the NAS from Infuse 6 Pro from any device (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad). What am I doing wrong? It worked ok with internet. I can’t even access shared folders on my iMac or Windows PC. Can’t connect from Infuse anywhere.

Any idea?

Infuse does try to check iCloud for sync updates and it may also be trying to gather metadata but I think after it finds no connection it should play local content. It may take a couple of minutes to give up.

What error are you getting?

What protocol are you using to connect to your nas with? SMB, FTP, etc?

Yes, I understand that it trying to check the online stuff.
However, it won’t connect to the NAS (WD My Cloud EX2) ever. After minute or two it shows error message:
An error occures
An error occured loading this content.

I use SMB.

If you go to settings > library and watch the status messages as soon as you open does it get to the last update message after going through the other messages?

As a side note, I have a WD MyCloud also (not the EX2) and last night I couldn’t connect to it on SMB after MANY months of flawless connecting so I went in to the web browser page for the MyCloud and did a reboot of the MyCloud. After that it worked great again. I wonder if WD did something recently that may have caused the MyClouds to hiccup.

In the setting app it says Fetching content for NAS.

Interesting is that when I restarted the NAS, the Infuse immediately recognized that it cannot load anything, but when the NAS booted up, it remains the same. Just trying to load the content and then the same error message.

How is the ATV connected to the lan?

How long does it stay on the message “Fetching content for Nas” before it errors out?

Does it ever get to the “Last Updated on …” message on the Library settings screen?

ATV is connected via LAN and has static IP, NAS is also connected via LAN and has also static IP.
It tries to load the content for about 1-2 minutes and then it shows the error.
Interesting thing - When I try to connet to the NAS from VLC player (on ATV), it connects, however shows no folders. After 1-2 minutes, it loads them. And when I click on any folder, it load the content of it after another 1-2 minutes.
Howeve, connecting from iMac/PC or from MyCloud app from iPhone/iPad works with no problem at all.