cannot play video_TS with aTV version 3.3.3

i have upgraded my ATV from 2.1 to 2.2 (without factory reestore) and installed version 3.3.3 of aTV. If i want to play a video_TS file i get an error (“An error occurred. Press Play/Pause to restart your AppleTV”) when trying to play movies that are encoded in the VideoTS format. I get to the play movie button and when I click it, I get the error. if installed smart installer. and try changing the playback mode but no result.

It is recommended to run the Smart Installer, and change the playback mode to Quicktime in DVD > Settings > Playback Mode.

Smart Installer guide can be seen here:

i did run the smart installer but still had the same problem. I did a factory restore and the update to 2.2 with atv version 3.3.3 and now it works again. Exept that i now dont have any subtitles and cant select them in de dvd menu’s (wit previus install 2.1 en atv version 3.3.1 i did have subs)

for it is also not working!!!

pleas help me

can not install smart installer (givs me a error log)!!!

  1. Make sure you are copying the entire DMG to the Apple TV, not just the PKG file.

  2. Once Smart Installer has completed change

DVD > Settings > Playback Mode → Quicktime,


DVD > Settings > Enable the DVD Menus → YES

And remember the DMG has to go into the Documents folder that is inside the frontrow folder. Smart Installer will not see it anywhere else.