Cannot overriding artwork series from cloud service

I have some series on GDrive (cloud service) and I want to override series artwork with my own.
But it does not work. It still fetches image from theTVDB and not replace them with my own artwork.
I’m sure that I named image correctly follow by metadata101.
This problem always happened with files from cloud service only because if files on my computer, I can overriding artwork normally.

I’m having the exact same issue. Any resolution? A lot of the artwork on is old and the first poster is usually garbage. My artwork worked fine when I was using SMB locally, but now that I’m using GDrive, none of my personal posters display in Infuse… Really annoying especially on the Apple TV 4K where I view 95% of my content.

I didn’t think this was possible with media on gdrive.

Unfortunately this does not work with GSuite/ GDrive.