Cannot mount shares

Hi everyone. I’ve been an early ATV owner, hacked it a year ago, and have been really enjoying it since.
After the 2.0 update, since I have no time, I bought the ATVFlash, and it installed within 2 minutes without a glitch.

I cannot mount my NAS though. Neither AFP shares, nor SMB. I enter all info correctly, and when I press the Mount button, the ATV just restarts. I used to have no problem before, my NAS would Automount (almost) every time. Is there something I need to do before trying to mount shares? I have a Lacie Ethernet BigDisk 1TB loaded with stuff which I’d like to be able to access from all my computers in the house, so connecting via USB doesn’t work for me. Any help is really appreciated.

Thanx in advance

i’ve been having similar troubles with SMB shares. AFP shares in both directions seem to work ok though.

did you use a v1.0 recovery partition image when doing the smart-installer?

OK, it’s 104 F here in Greece, the brain melts eventually… I didn’t run the Smart Installer!..

Thanx for the fast response, all working now.

I’m a PC guy but I love Mac and I’m learning more and more. Could you please indulge a newbie and help me mount a share drive that resides on my networked NAS on my ATV? I’ve already read the thread that describes how to do this and I’m still having issues.

A very detailed step by step would be incredibly appreciated.

Maybe I should be more explicit:

I have all my movies in many formats on a network folder in my NAS called \platinumnas\movies. I want my ATV to point to that folder so I can navigate the folders (1 folder per movie) and select the film I want to see, press play and boom. I do not want/need the ATV to point or mount a folder on my Mac.

I think what I need is a uber detailed description of the syntax needed by ATV to see this networked folder. All I’ve been getting so far from the ATV is : Error 1069: No servers at that address.

I can FTP the movied to the ATV but that obviously requires an extra step for me to watch a film when they’re already in the NAS.
Again, I really appreciate your assistance.


You may have the same problem that I had. The patchstick didn’t copy the mount_* files to the /sbin directory/folder. I had to ssh into the AppleTV and copied them over manually. After that I was able to mount my nfs shares perfectly. (Mount files as in mount_nfs, mount_afp, and mount_smbfs. These need to be copied from a Tiger OSX system for it to work.)

Now to resolve the video stuttering problem from the share.


Wolf, are you using an Extreme or Express router? Did you do the recent 2008-005 Security and 7.7.1 iTunes upgrades? If so, (or anyone else experiencing stuttering w/video) run the airport utility, manual/advanced/statistics and see what rate the ATV has.

After the upgrade, my rates dropped to 7 and the transfer using FTP went from 5Mb/sec to 5kB/sec! I was able to ‘fix’ this by changing my connection from the one that support b/g/n to the n-only 5Ghz option. After that the rates went up even faster than they had been!

I’m using a D-Link Gaming Router. I’ve done the iTunes updates, but the Apple Router updates don’t apply to me… As I don’t have one… The stuttering I’m getting, it doesn’t matter whether I use the direct LAN connection or wireless. Both give me stuttered video (And it doesn’t matter if I use Quickplayer or Mplayer, both stutter). I think it may be a network driver problem in the 2.1 updates. As it didn’t do that with the 1.1 software update.


Wolf, the Security 2008-005 update came out at the same time as the iTunes 7.7.1. Applies to all Leopard users and I suspect effects network performance. Did you install that as well?

Can you check the transfer speed from your network (both direct and WiFi) to your ATV using a D-Link utility?

What I was trying to say was the WiFi transfer rate dropped dramatically to my ATV after the above two updates. Changing the type of WiFi conection from one that supports various speed, b/g/n, to one that is n-only and possibly changing the frequency of the connection from 2.4 to 5Ghz may solve the wireless connection problem for many.

Check the Apple Support boards for other proposed solution to both the wired and WiFi connection and performance problems that arose recently after both the ATV update as well as the Leopard ones mentioned above.

Ah ok. I’ve done those. But my shares are on a linux box (RedHat Enterprise 4) using a NFS share. So I’s say it would be an aTV network only problem. I will need to see if I can put it back to the 1.1 drivers. That should help solve the stuttering problem. I’ll have to check the D-Link Router to see if I can do that. It does tell me that it has a 130Mb connection (gn) and 100% signal. I’ll see what I can find out… Other than that I’ve got everything else working perfect now.