Cannot Link Infuse to Emby

I have switched from Plex to Emby. I cannot link the Emby server to Infuse on the the Apple TV using the numerical code. On the Emby page the code is accepted, but I keep getting a message on the Apple TV that the server wasn’t found.

Did you install the plug-in?

This guide may help.

Also this guide may have a few clues.

I had planned to use Direct mode which says the plugin isn’t used or needed.

I submitted diagnostics and have a ticket 165386.

OK I resolved this for now.

I entered the credentials manually (under the Other Emby server tab in the Infuse server list rather than the auto-connect section).

The In-home (LAN) address of the Emby server can by clicking the gear (Manage settings) on the top right of the Emby server page; the addresses will be shown on the screen. Just enter the numeric portion of the address (not the http:\) and don’t enter the colon + port at the end.

The username and password are those for the Emby server when it was first set up (not the credentials for the Emby connect site, which is different. While an email address is prompted in the field for username, the proper entry is the server username, which may not actually be an email address.