Cannot Jailbreak 4.2.2

Ok I have a problem with the jailbreak of 2 new apple TV


First Of all I  have 1 that I already updated + Jailbreak to 4.2.2 8F305


Now I got 2 new one which I was able to update to Offocial 4.2.2


But I can<t update them


I read aboyt the uzipping problem.  So I launched Seas0npass and pressed ALT (Im on mac) and choose the 4.2.2 custom firmware


But Seasonpass doesn’t make it, it gives me the error  Filesystem mount failed.



Also I still have the .ipsw I got when i jailbroke my first ATV2 so I savec my SHSH blobs on tinyumbrella then started the TSS server


Pinged and it answered  (So far so good)


But when i put the ATV in DFU and pressed ALT + restore in Itunes then search for the IPSW I made like 1month ago


I get error 1600 on itunes


What do I do?